Logo Design


The purpose of the visual design composition is to give the client an idea of how the website’s home page and sub navigation pages will interact, as well as show how the colors, fonts and navigational elements will work together in a useful and complimentary layout.I want this site to convey a sense of style and sophistication through interactive design elements. The concept note goes into detail about each and every element within the site, discussing why things were chosen and for what effect they were chosen for. The preliminary design compositions (and wire frames) are a good way to get feedback from the client about their likes and dislikes, before the web site even goes onto the next stages of production.

The purpose of a logo is to present potential customers and users with an effective and stimulating image that grabs their attention and pulls them in. The logo is representation of the organizations’ ideals, goals, and identity. In order to develop an effective and compelling logo design, one must first make sure that the design isn’t too busy or hard to recognize. Secondly, the logo should reflect the organization’s sense of style and methodology. Finally, the logo should tie in to the design elements already prominent with the company’s ideology. An effective logo stays in the users’ minds and allows them to associate it with the organization and website.


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